Harmony Rounds

April 26, 2017, Harmony Hop


Tango Mannita (III T)
Ginny Come Bolero (III B)
Dedication (IV W)
Am I Blue (IV F)
Fascination (III W)


Your Cares (III F)
Hear My Song (III R)
If I Didn't Have a Dime (III C)
Puppet on a String (III F)
Take My Breath Away (III R)
Unchained Melody (W IV)


Don't Forbid Me (III F/J)
Almost Bolero (III B)
Starlight Waltz (IV W)
Ascot's Rumba (III R)
Solitude City (IV F)

Frozen Waltz (III W)
Nature Boy (III R)
Why Did It Have to be Me (III J)
A Man this Lonely (III B)
Hernando's Tango (III T)
Near You (III F)


The Other Side (IV STS)
Lover’s Chains (IV F)
Grecia's Waltz (III W)
For a Moment (IV B)
Answer Me (III W)